Broadband expansion in the Upper Peninsula

By Melanie Palmer, ABC 10 News

“NMU is going to do a good job with that and we also have great local providers too. We have a lot of small, independent telephone companies that also have the broadband. The one thing it always comes down to for the people is the cost. We have a lot of people in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that just don’t have the income, they may be able to afford the internet but it’s always buying that equipment,” said State Representative, Scott Dianda.

Dianda is currently hosting a number of different listening town halls across the U.P. Since internet access currently can be difficult for some constituents in the area, Dianda is hoping to find out any prevalent issues from these people that he might need to bring to Lansing.

A look at State Rep. Dianda's current agenda

By Harri Leigh, TV 6

A lifelong resident of the Upper Peninsula, Scott Dianda first took office representing the 110th district in 2013. This profile is part of a week of special reports on our lawmakers in Lansing.

A lifelong resident of the Upper Peninsula, Scott Dianda first took office representing the 110th district in 2013.

Now in his third and last term, key issues on his agenda include allowing some form of wolf hunting in the U.P.

"We have to get to the point where we look at protecting our way of life in the U.P.," he said. "We have to look at what is important to us. Hunting has been a part of our fabric from day one up there."

Bill package would increase speeds on some Michigan roads

By: Andy Kulie, ABC10

Committee member and U.P. Representative Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) is opposed to these changes.

“The reason that I was opposed to these was, first of all, we have a lot of areas that need to be attended to for new asphalt. There’s just a lot of these areas that we need to be able to fix before we raise the speed limits,” Dianda said. “[The] second point was the fact that — especially in our area — sixty percent of the district in the seven counties is over sixty–five. I’m really concerned about raising the speed limit and having people traveling faster speeds when we’ve got a lot of our motoring public that are seniors driving sometimes ten miles below the posted speed limit now.”

Dianda also voiced concern about the potential for increased costs due to a possible uptick in accidents, and he said equipment inspections, particularly for tires, would be desirable if speeds were to increase.

State Rep. Scott Dianda releases statement on State of the State address

By: Wil Hunter, WJMN

Despite Gov. Rick Snyder’s assurances to the contrary in tonight’s State of the State address, hard-working families have struggled under five years of leadership from Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican-led Legislature, Rep. Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) said Tuesday night. Rather than doubling down on Gov. Snyder’s failed agenda, Rep. Dianda said it’s time to create a Michigan that works for school kids, college students, families, seniors and small-business owners who are being left behind by the Republican agenda.

Deer numbers ‘collapsing’ in U.P.

By: Kurt Hauglie, The Daily News

Officials with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said they are closely studying the dwindling deer herd in the Upper Peninsula, where some areas have lost more than half of their normal population.

State Rep. Scott Dianda, D-Calumet, and several DNR officials gathered at a weekend town hall meeting in Houghton County to talk about the declining deer numbers and hear what hunters are experiencing in the field.

Highest waterfall in Michigan could soon be open to public

By: Rick Allen, ABC10

State Representative Scott Dianda has recommended that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Recreation Division receive $600,000 to purchase the property and provide public access.

That would include providing parking spaces, improving the trail, setting up safety barriers and trash cans, and maybe one day even public restrooms. Calumet Township will work with other agencies to develop a management plan for the area.

A Lawmaker's Life: State Representative Scott Dianda

By: Sarah Blakely, Upper Michigan's Source

He's put over 80,000 miles on his car during his time as a Michigan lawmaker, and lives further from the capital than any other legislator.

State Representative of the 110th district, Scott Dianda, is a Calumet High School graduate, former small business owner, MDOT equipment operator, and served as elected president of the Michigan State Employees Association for 12 years.