Makers of Stormy Kromer hats honored for employing veterans

By: Harri Leigh

IRONWOOD — Jacquart Fabric Products: they're known for for their Stormy Kromer hats, a common sight on heads around the world.

You may not know about their stellar record employing veterans. 

"They have fought for our security and the safety of this nation, and they are the cream of the crop," 110th District State Representative Scott Dianda. "We have to make sure when they come back that they have a great place to live and work, and we just welcome them with open arms."

Non-profit Michigan Works honored that record today. Several state officials were on hand, including Rep. Dianda, and representatives for both Michigan's senators and the governor.

The business accepted the 2015 Michigan Works Veteran Employer of the Year Award.

"We're very excited to be honored with some recognition for our work in employing veterans," Division Manager Gina Thorsen said.

When hiring, the company takes into account veterans' unique skills.

"We're trained in the service to be able to react to various situations, so if something is thrown at us, normally we're able to handle it," Floor Work Leader and U.S. Army veteran Jim Wilman said.

The U.P. has one of the highest concentrations of veterans in the country, so the company say it's fitting that veterans help make Stormy Kromer hats, a native symbol of the U.P.

This article was originally published by WLUC.